I wrote this a year ago.

I have been very impacted by the secularization of this holiday as of late.  A new hire who sits next to me asked me if we are allowed to say Merry Christmas if a student says Merry Christmas to us (I am an admissions counselor for an online university).  I know that the question was innocent and she was just worried about her job, but the question still upsets me.  I went to a play last week (A Christmas carol) in downtown denver and I was surprised to see a kwanza display and a menorah but no nativity scene.  Of course it is the theater’s prerogative to display what they would like, however, if they are trying to be inclusive they should be inclusive and not be intimidated by a godless minority.

It just reminds me that we are set apart from the world because of Christ’s name.  He is divisive because of his claims.  And I believe that the groups like the American humanist association, aclu, and freedom from religion are permeating society to such a degree that we now accept that the public square should be free of religion and mention of it.  I do not like where we are heading in that sense.  When I say merry Christmas, to me it is religious and very personal, however, it is also an exercise or freedom of speech.  In doing so, I am honoring every free citizen’s ability to celebrate, worship, and talk about whatever they want to as this is their right.   They may not be able to do this in the future if we submit to a small but powerful group of activists.

Whether Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, or any other worldview, we all need to enjoy our freedom to express ourselves and celebrate it (within the law).   A lady who is a Christian on my team got off the phone the other day and said something to the effect, “they just said, merry Christmas to me, what if I was jewish?”  She was insinuating that she might be offended if she was jewish.  My goal is never to offend anyone, but to honor their view by expressing mine.  The agenda of taking all religion out of the public square is undermining every worldview by promoting a secular one that will ultimately not be tolerant of anything but its own. Notwithstanding, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Godspeed!


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