Searching for a Religion? Try Christianity First

If someone were to start a spiritual journey and wanted to compare the religions of the world in order to decide which one to put their faith in, biblical Christianity would be the best to start the search with.  There are four reasons why (this list is found in an article called “Christianity in A world of Religions” by Craig J. Hazen found in chapter 10 of Passionate Conviction, 2007):

Craig Hazen titles the list: Four Reasons a Thoughtful Person on a Religious Quest Should Start That Quest with Christianity

1) Christianity is Testable – the claims of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection are testable and the entire religion rests on these claims. It is unlike some religions, which require a purely inner/emotional and subjective feeling in order to corroborate its truth.

2) In Christianity, Salvation is a Free Gift from God– all major religions of the world require human works in order to satisfy their god/gods demands. The gift of salvation in Christianity is solely based on our faith that what Jesus did for us on the cross is sufficient to cover our sins before God. Any good works that a believer in Christ does is out of a grateful and changed heart.

3) You Get an Amazing Worldview Fit.  It makes sense of reality- Christianity makes good sense of issues like good and evil, pain and suffering, why we are here, where we are going and many other issues that are not properly answered by competing worldviews.

4) Christianity has Jesus at the Center– Jesus is a truly universal religious figure in the sense that every religion has something to say about him.  He is the founder of Christianity as well.  Everyone seems to have nothing bad to say about him.  Why not explore the historical Jesus to see what he was like and what he claimed to be?


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