Team Success

The following is a list showing the cause and effect relationships that create team success. The way a cause map works is as follows:

1) Effect1 <- Cause1

2) Cause1 (is Effect2) <- Cause2

3) Cause2 (is Effect3) <- Cause3

4) etc…

The cause (Cause1) of team success (Effect1) is the effect of subsequent causes (Cause2). The list of effects and causes continues indefinitely.


  • <- Team Knows what success is
    • <- Team Agrees on what success is <- Has/creates a clear definition of what success is
  • <- Team completes duties and responsibilities consistently
    • <- Has the ability/skills necessary to perform <- Properly trained <- Has easy access to learning resources, coaching, and feedback <- Has well defined/consistent processes for development
    • <- Has the desire to perform
      • <- Has external reason to have desire to perform
      • <- Has internal motivation or character trait that pushes desire
    • <- Has confidence to perform <- Environment on team is conducive for confidence
    • <- Detail Oriented <- Understand that success comes from accumulation of doing many small things right
  • <- Team has team camaraderie
    • <- Have common goals <- Individuals agree/buy in to direction and leadership of team<- Leadership is trustworthy
      • <- Leadership displays integrity <- Leader is perceived to be consistent with what they say and what they do
      • <- Leadership convinces team that they truly care about the individuals on the team <- Leader truly does care about every member
    • Trust in each other
      • <- Agree and buy in to direction and leadership of team
      • <- Has well defined roles <- Roles are agreed upon

Teams should introspect and evaluate how they are performing according to each of the specified causes and effects above.  Once a problem area is discovered they can deploy interventions/solutions/trainings in order to correct the issue that is impeding team success.  Each item above is connected and impacts every other item on the list.


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