Two upcoming Blog topics!

I have been thinking about the following two topics for a while now and want to get my thoughts on paper.  Sometime in the next month or so I will write about:

  1. The problem of the unevangelized: Many skeptics of Christianity will charge that millions of people never heard the gospel because of where and when they were born. They say that they could not believe in a God that would punish someone who never even had the opportunity to believe in him.  For a long time this was a very hard question for me to answer. However, there are very good responses to this charge against God. We will see that the question itself, although sincere in some cases, can be used as a way to shut God out of the mind in order to not feel guilty about rejecting him.  Also, when looked at more closely, the answers make very good sense with what is written in the Bible.  For example, God is a just God and has put every person on earth for a purpose so that we can search for him. For he is not far from any of us (Acts 17)
  2. Dealing with doubt about salvation: I had a real problem for a while believing that children, who did not know anything about the “real world” could make a true decision to follow Jesus. After all, many people reject God when they get older once they know more. Furthermore, children making an emotionally driven decision, often guided by their parents, seemed to me a reason to doubt my own salvation because I was “saved” at 10 years old.  As adults, we sometimes tend to over-think things.  I over-think things ALL THE TIME as this blog is testimony to.  My blog to come will address my errors in thinking and present an answer to this issue that I, thanks to God, no longer have a problem with.  I was saved at 10!

Stay tuned!


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