Religious Freedom and the Cultural Revolution

I sent this message to a friend at the beginning of April when the media was highlighting the religious freedom act that was proposed in Indiana:

Watch this video:

I saw this video and see it as very pertinent In light of the ridiculous and unwarranted uproar in Indiana over a law protecting religious freedom.  There are already 20 states that have such a law and these laws were signed mostly in reaction to unfair treatment directed toward religious (Bill Clinton in the video states this).  Interestingly, 22 years ago when Bill Clinton signed the Religious Restoration Act, gay rights activists did not act the same way as they are today in Indiana.  They are now more bold and less likely to be tolerant of anyone with opposing views (conservative Christians).  I think that the media is definitely adding to the fire by providing air time to the marchers. But there is definitely a cultural shift that is taking place that would not have happened two decades ago.

Bill Clinton also signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)(defines marriage as a man and a woman).  The democratic party AND the American culture has UNDENIABLY shifted in the last two decades and mostly in the last 6 years.  My question is: why and how has the culture shifted SO DRAMATICALLY in its beliefs on marriage and religious rights?

Clinton’s speech: . He would probably reject what he believed back then, in light of the cultural revolution that is happening today.  He also, rejected the DOMA that he signed.  I actually think that his speech is cogent and presents an accurate description of the first amendment. Democrats would not sign this bill today though even though the bill passed UNANIMOUSLY in the House and 97-3 in the Senate (if I remember correctly). The cultural and political pendulum is swinging FAR to the left. This is even among Republicans, who look more like the democrats of yesteryear.

Staying consistent in a belief and not “progressing” with the times will more and more cause someone (like me) to look like a radical. Unfortunately staying consistent with beliefs is not en vogue today and is even looked upon negatively.  The direction we are going is unmistakeable unless there are changes soon.


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