The Argument From Reason

The Argument From Reason

Ironically, if Naturalism and Materialism are true then all knowledge, reason, and truth is illusory. In other words, if naturalism or materialism is true, we could never know it.

Two of my favorite arguments for the existence of God are The Moral Argument and The Argument From Reason.  They both hit home for me. One does not need to be an expert or philosopher to have an understanding of moral duties and values OR the existence of agency, free will, and reasoning.  Without studying morality, reasoning, or free will people automatically are aware of and abide, in most cases, by them.  This article focuses on The Argument From Reason. Enjoy!

The links below were found at Carson Weitnauer’s website,

On this topic, I highly recommend Angus Menuge, J.P. Moreland, Alvin Plantinga, and Victor Reppert.


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