If you care about the poor…

Americans love to give both time and money to help others. The organizations that I have given to (Food for the Poor, Worldvision, Samaritan’s Purse) tend to align with what I think is important as should guide everyone’s giving habits.  I am glad that there are so many well-organized organization that can pool massive resources to help the maximum number of people. I like that they promote neighborly/volunteer based giving.  This is the most effective way for healthy societies to proliferate.  My only advice to these charitable organizations and those who donate to them would be to only lobby and vote for policies that would perpetuate the organizations goals and not impede them. The goal being to help those in need.

Voting for more (federal) government involvement in areas which the Fed has no place being (e.g. Non-enumerated powers stated in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution AND the Tenth Amendment) should be the opposite of what those who care about the poor should be promoting.

The volunteer aspect of giving freely is opposed to the compulsory aspect of government welfare programs, which steal money from well meaning Americans and give it to a system that promotes dependency and perpetual slavery to that system.  These welfare-type programs are well intentioned, but have a terrible track record of getting people out of poverty.  We should let people (OR States) voluntarily give to organizations that are more efficient and less centralized as the federal government (closer to the people, less levels of bureaucracy). This gives people more options on who to give to (the best charitable organizations) as opposed to forcing to give to failing systems. It creates less dependency and hand-outs.  It lets individuals decide where their money is going as opposed to stealing it and giving it to something that might be morally objectionable as the FED sometime does.  Countries that tax at higher rates for welfare and social programs ALSO GIVE less per capita than the United States.  Nanny state solutions never work and are less conducive to a free and responsible society.

In short, if you give to charities, it is because you know that this type of assistance to the poor is what is needed and what works.  However, in order to be consistent with your gut instinct to give, you should also vote for policy that is not socialist or liberal.  In other words, you should be the one who controls where your money goes.


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