Children’s Needs vs. the Desires of Adults

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Interesting perspective. Children have no say to whom they are born and it Is sad that today we see the desires of adults interfering with needs of children. Children deserve to be reared by their biological mother and father when possible. This is the ideal and laws should encourage it for the sake of children and the future of society.

Ryan t. Anderson, in his new book “truth overruled” speaks about how much of the marriage debate has centered around two opposing understandings of marriage: 1. the comprehensive and 2. The consent-based view

1. “Marriage is a comprehensive union of sexually complementary spouses who live by the norms of monogamy, exclusivity, and permanence, so that children can be raised by their mom and dad.”

2. The only other option is the “consent based” view of marriage which sees marriage as a higher degree of romantic and emotional attachment of consenting adults. According to his version- “Marriage is about consenting adult love of whatever size or shape the adults choose”

Supporters of the traditional understanding of marriage should not blame the same-sex lobby for the growth in popularity of the consent based view. Anderson points to the last 50 years of cohabitation, no-fault divorce, extra-marital sex, non-marital childbearing, the hook-up culture, and pornography as the reason we are in this situation. If the sexual habits of the last 50 years have been good for men, women, and children the maybe we should make the consent based view the law ad encourage it.


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