Freedom and Climate Change

Watch video:

Watch this five minute video. Patrick Moore, Co-Founder of Greenpeace, says, “All the information I’ve presented — the increases, decreases and plateaus in temperature over the ages and into the last centuries — is available to anyone who wants to seek it out. Yet to state these simple facts is to risk being called a “climate change denier.” Not only is that absurd, it’s mean-spirited. It’s absurd because no one, not even the most fervent skeptic, denies that the climate is changing. And it’s mean-spirited because to call someone a climate change denier is to intentionally link them to people who deny the Holocaust. So, maybe it’s time to stop the name-calling.” I agree! also, most conservatives are concerned primarily with the outcomes of empowering non-elected government agencies (EPA) sometimes called the 4th branch of government. All earth lovers (liberal and conservative alike) should be concerned about the power we give groups of so-called “experts” over our lives. The EPA, although well-intentioned, has the same propensity to fall victim to the lure of centralized power as any other human organization. So please do not blame conservatives for being concerned with our collective ability to self-govern. That is what the whole debate is about. We are doing it for you: liberals. And future generations of humans. And…here it comes… Freedom.


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