Movie on Benghazi coming out

Political spin or not??? the movie “13 hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi” is based on a book by journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff. According to huffington post his book explains, “It is not about what officials in the United States government knew, said, or did after the attack, or about the ongoing controversy over talking points, electoral politics, and alleged conspiracies and cover-ups. It is not about what happened in hearing rooms of the Capitol, anterooms of the White House, meeting rooms of the State Department, or green rooms of TV talk shows. It is about what happened on the ground, in the streets and on the rooftops of Benghazi, when bullets flew, buildings burned, and mortars rained. When lives were saved, lost and forever changed.” I agree the story needs to be told and im happy it is. However, “what happened on the ground” is inextricably tied to what happened in the united states both before and after the events in Benghazi. michael bay has said in interviews that the film will not have political tones. Good luck with that!


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