The Liberal University

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True open-minded intellectuals and higher education institutions should promote thought diversity as a means to hone the minds of students. This article makes interesting points regarding the ineptitude of its liberal students upon graduating liberal universities (most universities) regarding their ability to defend their liberal ideology in a world that is not 96 % liberal as Cornell is. On the contrary, conservative students (or at least those who stay conservative through 4 years of attempted brainwashing), come out stronger in their ability to verbalize and defend their belief system and worldview.

It is very interesting to me that in a country that is continuously split 50-50 in national elections, that higher education is saturated with left-wing liberal professors. It is surprising to me that our country is not more liberal considering all children go through liberal indoctrination centers (public school and private and state universities) during their formative years. It seems we need to “even the playing field”. The article suggests that conservatives tend to not choose careers in the academia but maybe more should for the sake of our children’s educational experience.

I hope more brave conservative intellectuals will accept the challenge and start joining liberal universities. And that those who are “in the closet” because of persecution will come out. Liberal, conservative, and everyone in between will benefit from this. Children raised as liberals will be challenged and at least be able to defend what they believe and why, those raised as conservatives will be less prone to being peer-pressured into liberalism by professors.

Although I went to 3 universities before I finally graduated and ALL three of them were private and religiously affiliated, it was still VERY evident that even in private christian universities, liberal ideologies can still be influential. If i had attended a “cornell-type” I could have very easily renounced my previous 18 years of religious and conservative upbringing and held my parents in contempt for their part. As it is, i did do a lot of soul searching and questioning during and after my college years. However, I was never taught by my professors that the conservative and religious worldview is IN FACT anti-intellectual. This seems to be regularly taught at Cornell according to the article. So much for diversity.


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