How can we help Syrian Refugees?

This is a good place to give:  My wife and I gave last fall after seeing similar/terrible images on the news. The boats sinking and children drowning is heartbreaking and luckily there are some great private organizations that are making a difference. Here is another good place to give: Beyond personal giving, U.S. taxpayer funded programs can go further to save more lives and nourish more hungry and cold refugees when they do not require flying refugees all the way to the U.S.. The process of vetting, flying, and then taking care of refugees in the US is expensive! This extravagant spending on a few leaves out the vast majority of refugees who could use the funding and help. And for what? The money would go further when partnering with European countries to provide aid and meeting the refugees where they are until the conflict subsides. The argument from some political pundits is that it is our moral duty to bring the unspecified amount here for an unspecified amount of time. But what about the rest? At best It seems much more like political grandstanding in order to win the favor of the vast majority of peripheral US voters. At worst it is an attempt to pander for the future support of the “minority” “downtrodden” “have-nots” for generations to come. I am not saying that everyone who supports bringing some refugees here are that politically oriented. Most are not. However, we cannot be so ignorant to see the political system driving much of the rhetoric around this situation. These types of problems do not have easy solutions. I think one of the best solutions would unfortunately cost the lives of many US service men and women. However, I think bringing some here at the expense of MOST is not the best answer. This situation is going to continue until these refugees homeland settles down. Unfortunately that does not seem to be happening. Appealing to emotions is important and we are a country that cares very much for the “least of these”. Americans dig into our pockets and regularly lead the world in humanitarian efforts. We are expected to by the world because that has become our responsibility.


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