President’s Day Shoutout

Thank you George Washington for choosing to lead the continental army against overwhelming and impossible odds when you could have easily remained an officer in the British army. Thank you for holding the office of the President in such high regard. Thank you for peaceably stepping down after two terms when you could have easily remained in power. Thank you for being a humble civil servant and statesman. Thank you for freeing your slaves. Thank you for revering the importance of a religious and moral citizenry. Thank you for calling official national days of prayer and thanksgiving to our creator God. I should also mention Thomas Jefferson who started the longest running and largest church of its time in the same building that congress met. Apparently these two men saw the idea of “separation of church and state” in a different way than today’s deconstructionist historians would try to tell us. Thank you to every president who has upheld your oath before God to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic thereby fulfilling your duty. ‪#‎presidentsday‬ ‪#‎washington‬ ‪#‎jefferson‬ ‪#‎constitution‬


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