Article- “It’s Not Airbnb’s Job To Check Me for Bigotry”

It’s Not Airbnb’s Job To Check Me for Bigotry (The Federalist)

Airbnb is requiring all of its customers to sign a “Community Commitment” by agreeing to not discriminate based upon sexual identity and gender orientation among others. If you do not sign the agreement you cannot use their services.

According to Joy Pullmann,

In a supremely arrogant act of needless virtue-signaling, the short-term-rental website has banned people with either religiously or scientifically informed views about human sexuality (or both).

She summarizes

…you are only allowed to use Airbnb if you agree that race, sexual preference, disabilities, and so forth will have no bearing on your decision to live with someone for a few days. Beyond that, it is a pushy, socially conscious way to weed out of the Airbnb “community” anyone who doesn’t agree with the Left’s identity politics.

So now Airbnb refuses to do business with anyone who doesn’t agree with them politically. (I bet Airbnb brass support forcing wedding vendors to participate in gay weddings though, eh?) Irony of ironies, they’re running around telling everyone, “We’re going to discriminate against our customers, but our customers aren’t allowed to do the same!”

Pullmann rightly points out that,

As a private company, Airbnb should be free to discriminate. But when it tells me they get to do it and I don’t, I’m going to call their leaders ignorant hypocrites.

Pullmann then concludes with the following sentence,

This is a loss for community, diversity, and tolerance, not a gain.

The overuse of the words “tolerance”, “diversity”, “discrimination”,”bigotry”, and “hate” seems to have caused the words to lose any meaning they might have once had.


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