Oxford’s Word of the Year is ‘post-truth’

In a bit of a condescending fashion, TIME explains here that Oxford’s word of the year 2016, ‘post-truth’, “…describes a situation in which feelings trump facts” (emphasis added)

The word ‘trump’ is a crucial addition as the article goes on to describe the results of Brexit and the U.S. 2016 election of Trump as epitomizing the meaning of the word.  In other words, if you voted for Trump or Brexit, you apparently did it because of feelings and not facts.  Wow!  This is the same reason that many people rejected the left-wing elites in both of these situations, namely, they hate being told that they are stupid and evil for simply disagreeing. The left has apparently not learned their lesson yet and are doubling down on this type of inflammatory accusations.

There is no doubt in my mind that feelings are a part of most people’s reasons for voting the way they did and do. However, to imply that feelings based voting finds permanent residence with populists or republicans cannot be proven and I would argue is simply false.  As Ben Shapiro rightly says, “facts don’t care about your feelings”.

Albert Mohler Makes the observation that it is ironic that liberal ideologues are now passing the blame on others regarding our collective preoccupation with feelings over facts.  He says that post-modernism and the denial of objective truth has its foundations in and can be attributed to liberal thought leaders and academics.





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