Great Speech by Senator

AMAZING speech that challenges the Senate and the direction of our country. This is truly reaching across the isle and I commend his courage as a freshman Senator to speak with such passion and truth. I also appreciate his ability to dig into the history of the Senate and ask “what would the founders say?” I encourage all Republicans and Democrats and those who have given up on our system to watch this and begin to believe in it again. There are men and women of integrity and true statesmen still out there.

Team Success

The following is a list showing the cause and effect relationships that create team success. The way a cause map works is as follows: 1) Effect1 <- Cause1 2) Cause1 (is Effect2) <- Cause2 3) Cause2 (is Effect3) <- Cause3 4) etc… The cause (Cause1) of team success (Effect1) is the effect of subsequent causes […]