Evaluating a Meme on Evolution

“You don’t “believe” in evolution…” “… you either understand it or you don’t” -Unknown This is a silly bumper sticker-like meme. It is not only condescending but also presents equivocal language and a false dilemma. The equivocation comes in the word “evolution”. “Evolution” has different meanings that should be described, however, the nature of a […]

American Sniper article response

This article from an Australian newspaper was forwarded to me http://www.smh.com.au/good-weekend/australias-deadliest-sniper-ian-robertson-never-did-the-arithmetic-20150121-12urq2.html. It is comparing the experiences of an Australian Korean War veteran and sniper with how Hollywood portrays war. This article was first published in Good Weekend on April 26, 2004. But it was recently re-published in the wake of the popular movie “American Sniper” […]